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Thank you to all who have emailed to be supportive after I found out a member here on my site had been reselling my background packages and claiming he made them for the past 2 years on Ebay, not only ruining my own sales, but making a huge profit that should have been rightfully mine.

I removed my backgrounds but will be re-adding them to my site over the weekend.  I refuse to let a thief stop me from sharing my work.  The name of the person who was selling illegally on ebay was FOTOMAGICUSA please do not buy from him in the future as you can not be assured what he sells is allowed to be sold.


Graphic Resource Store for all your Graphic needs.

We specialise in high res, large size graphics, primarily created in Poser.

Most of our graphics are over 2000 pixels and can be as large as 4000 pixels, perfect for all types of print and web work.

We also allow Commerical Scrap Bookers to use our poser props and backgrounds as part of commercial kits they offer for sale and there are nolimits to how many elements from our products you can offer in a kit you create. To be able to use our products in commercial scrap booking kits, the Commercial Scrap Book License must be purchased which gives you all rights to include our props "as is" in a commercial package.

Hope you enjoy your visit and find something to use here.

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