Conditions of Use

You must understand and agree to my Terms of Use and license in order to buy products in the store. If you read anything here that you don't understand, write to me at and ask for further explanation.

1) The licensee is not aquiring the ownership of the original images, but is aquiring the right to use the images under specific circumstances. The copyright (i.e, ownership) is not being transferred to the licensee and The Fairy Path continues to own the graphic images themselves, but through the licensing agreement grants the right to use them in in personal and commercial projects with the exception of offering the backgrounds and poser tubes as is in a commercial scrapbook kit (where you will need to purchase our Commercial Scrap Book License)

2) As in the case of software, the license is not transferrable. A customer may not redistribute or share the product files with dozens or hundreds or thousands of other people through filesharing groups and thereby deprive the original owner of the images of the rightful profit of their labor.

You can use the images for your personal projects but you may not fileshare or redistribute the original images in any online venue, such as giving them away in a blog or online graphics group.

You can use the images in commercial projects such as webdesign, advertising, illustration, printables projects, card crafting, candy wrapper businesses, signage, textures and characters for role playing games, and as photographic backgrounds. Many design resources may be incorporated into derivative designs for commercial sale.

Louise Abousidou of The Fairy Path is the author and copyright holder of the images on this website and retains copyright and ownership of the images.

My products may not be given away on a CD as clip art as is and may not be used in commerical scrapbooking kits as elements and papers unless you have purchased the commerical scrapbooking license which enables you to do so. I am one of the only artists who allows commercial scrapbook designers to use my Poser Tubes as elements in kits they will sell to a 3rd part. PLEASE SEE BELOW


All my products may be used for personal scrapbooking kits ONLY (unless the Commerical Scrap Book License has been purchased) and are licensed to a single licensee and the elements may not be redistributed or given away in filesharing groups offline or online. "Personal scrapbooking" means that the licensee would create their own digital or print scrapbook for their own family or friends and may give away product of that design effort within their circle of family or friends but may not give or sell it online to the public or in filesharing groups. This also means that they may not sell it for personal use.

CafePress, ImageKind, Zazzle, and similar online mass market, image-based stores

Buyers are not permitted to upload The Fairy Path compositions, files or products, as is, to create products on a mass market basis online in their own stores. That is akin to providing my original work in its original form to a mass market under your own name. You may, however, create a unique design of your own using my products (like a  background with figures or various design elements on it) and upload that as your own product. This leaves plenty of room for the use of the design resources for these venues. But you can not simply upload my images, in their original form, as the basis of a mass marketed product.

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